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Wanted Design NYC | 16/05 – 19/05/2014

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Quench brings together six diverse designers, based in Queensland, Australia. Together they aim to share their unique design perceptive and build new international relationships. As with their shows in Tokyo and Los Angles, Quench Singapore showcases a collection of new works by each of the six designers.

Meet Australian designers Bjorn Rust, Alexander Lotersztain and Jason Bird of the Quench collective. Enjoy Australian coffee prepared by Bjorn on his most recent product while listening to music and enjoying the works of David Shaw, Surya Graf and Marc Harrison.


Past Events

Tastemakers AUS/USA/LAX | 22/06/2013

Dwell on Design | 21/06 – 23/06/2013

Saturday Indesign Singapore | 06/10/2012

Dwell on Design | 22/06 — 24/06/2012

Toyko Designers Week | 30/10 — 5/11/2010

Unlimited | 11/10 — 17/10/2010


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Derlot Editions

Derlot Editions

Designer: Alexander Lotersztain

Derlot Editions

Björn Rust

Designer: Björn Rust

Derlot Editions

Surya Graf

Designer: Surya Graf

Derlot Editions


Designer: Marc Harrison

Derlot Editions


Designer: Jason Bird

Derlot Editions

Street & Garden Furniture Co.

Designer: David Shaw
Street & Garden Furniture Co.